Getting a Feel for Western Australia's Spectacular Kimberley Region
Posted by kimberleyadventureto, 10/03/2017 4:36 am

Western Australia's Kimberley wilderness is a vast place full of unforgettable sights and experiences. As a top destination for those who love to explore wild, untamed spaces, Kimberley offers up more than just about any other landscape on earth. Choosing the right one of the various available kimberley tours is an excellent way of ensuring that a traveler's time there will be as rewarding as possible.

Seeing Kimberley Courtesy of the Gibb River Road

Although the Kimberley region is most notable for its lack of development, there are two major roadways that cross it from one side to the other. Of these, the Gibb River Road is the more popular and the one that many of the most frequently recommended kimberley tours focus on.

At more than 600 kilometers in length, Gibb River Road runs from Derby on the coast of King Sound all the way east through to Kununurra. That puts it right at a kink in the Great Northern Highway that makes for a convenient point of access or departure and which lies not far from Wyndham.

Although the Great Northern Highway itself offers another way to become acquainted with Kimberley, most travelers find that Gibb River Road provides a more intimate view of what the region is truly like. Whereas the Great Northern Highway is used mostly for practically oriented transportation today, Gibb River Road is a much less developed feature that is still strewn with water crossings and even sometimes subject to floods.

As a result, kimberley adventure tours that focus on Gibb River Road tend to be much more involving and exciting than those that merely skirt the edges of the region along the adjoining expanse of the Great Northern Highway. Experts frequently recommend that first timers and others seeking to understand what makes Kimberley so special therefore focus on Gibb River Road.

A Variety of Ways to Experience One of the World's Most Enthralling Places

Fortunately, there are some truly worthy options to look into. Many visitors find that kimberley bus tours which cover a week or more of traveling and sightseeing allow them to get a real feel for this spectacular part of Western Australia.

While it would be possible to spend many weeks exploring Kimberley, a trip of at least five or more days will touch down in enough places to make the appeal of the region clear. With so many attractions like the Bungle Bungle Range and Home Valley Station awaiting visitors, there are few better places in the world to spend time.

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